Tom Metzger has moved to San Jacinto

Ken I get the connection between Mr Favela’s political awakening during the time of Metzger living in Fallbrook. And yes, it is scary to see the rise of white nationalism and Trump’s tacit support of it. And Mr Favela is apprently courageous for standing up for his beliefs. This ongoing protest should receive media coverage, and should on its on merits. 60 people strong and growing. What i saw when opening this article is the Headline screaming : Metzger has moved to San Jacinto. And then the entire second half of article written about Metzger. I get it: he’s an interesting guy. Maybe a separate article is in order on his activities and whereabouts? All the stuff about Metzger that didn’t relate to Mr Favela’s motivation and past took away from the space that could have fleshed out this article with coverage of the protest. What could have been included is the point that strong community protests were an influence on Contra Costa County deciding to cancel contract with ICE and stop housing detained undocumented workers in their County jail. The article could have included quotes from other antendees of Monday’s protest. What are they looking for? Are they concerned about specifically housing separated children asylum seekers at Pendleton? Are they concerned, as any civil libertarian should be, about the use of military facilities for civilian law enforcement purposes? These and other questions were left unanswered, or unasked , maybe partly because 50% of the article was about Metzger.
— July 14, 2018 9:39 a.m.

No gold star for Bonsall school district

Thanks to The Reader for covering this issue! More light needs to be shed on this apparent lack of transparency in school districts, particularly Bonsall. This District, after its voters rejected the proposed high school, immediately began looking for a new way to foist the proposed school on its taxpayers. The current vehicle is the controversial Lease Leaseback Agreement. The District apparently tried to circumvent the proposed changes in the LLB which took affect Jan 1 2017, by having its Board of Trustees approve the Agreement at its Dec Board Meeting, then waiting to sign the agreement in case the expected Complaint was filed. This begs the question: why not wait until Jan 1 and comply with the new law? Or, If the District was confidant of its position, why not sign the Agreement in December when the aboard approved it? the answer lies in the advantages of each law, the 2016 and 2017 versions which the District hoped to take advantage of. In particular the 2016 law allowed the District to avoid a competitive bid process, allowing it to select the aforementioned Erickson Hall. One inaccuracy on the part of Superintendent Cunningham is his assertion that the 2015 lawsuit was dismissed because the allegations were false. The record of that Complaint is available and it shows that the Complaint was dropped because the Complaint was not filed within the 60 day window. A complainant has 60 days after a LLB construction contract is entered into to file a complaint, after which the Contract can "self-validate". Dr Cunningham: "We prevailed in that case, but it cost over $35,000 to help the judge see that the list of allegations were all false."
— February 16, 2017 8:02 p.m.

Let’s Be Friends

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