I Never Thought I'd Become a Welfare Queen

Oh GIVE me a BREAK. IF YOU HAVE TIME TO WRITE SOME CRAP LIKE THIS, QUIT YOUR BITCHING AND MOANING AND FIND A WAY TO MAKE A JOB. quit blaming everyone else. quit complaining. it's called life. when I was a kid, I wasn't given jack ****. my neighbors were millionaires and there lawns were landscaped by professionals for hours a day. I was 8 and I wanted money. I rode my bike around to every million dollar home (around 100 or so of them with immaculate yards ) and offered my lawn mowing or raking services. I got one reply. one lady was kind enough to hire this kid to pick up a branch in her yard. I was ecstatic. I knew nothing in life was free. by the time I was 12, I had built up my little business by references to a good 6 clients. by then, riding my bicycle everywhere had given me enough opportunities to learn to fix the problems I had with it. I started talking to everyone I knew, asking them to assist me with finding any bikes anyone was possibly getting rid of or throwing in the trash. I started my own bicycle repair shop and had over 20 bikes at all times, swapping parts, repairing, and selling, and many times donating to charity. when I was 14, I needed more money. my cousin and I started looking for work in construction. knowing little about any of it, I was ready to try any job from digging up a trench, to framing a house to roofing, to painting. over 400 hours would be a realistic guestimation of the time I dedicated FOR FREE just to learn. by the time I was 16, we had a solid roofing business going on. I was going to high school maintaining a 3.8 while working between 40-50 hours a week. I have been on pole barn roofs in snowstorms with temperatures below 10 degrees F, using a gas heater and a tarp to heat the ice on the shingles enough to thaw them out, lay them and tack four nails in before it froze again. I then joined the military to serve my country and defend it from enemies abroad. I moved to CA and discovered how many citizens (and illegals) we have within our own borders, undermining the fundamental principals we were founded on and thrived under. until you can accept responsibility for your predicament, stop passing judgment to others because you think your freaking college degree makes you something special, or at least just freaking get off your lazy welfare ass and try something new and different, you should keep your lips sealed and step back. I hope the lines at every single welfare office in the U.S. get harder and more frustrating to be at, and the requirements get tougher than ever. maybe then, America will be able to support itself, get out of this trench created by socialists-in-disguise, and get back on track- maybe not even go bankrupt by the current crazy white houses administration. until then, go read Rich Dad, Poor Dad or The Richest Man In Babylon.
— June 20, 2010 12:59 a.m.

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