Soon There Won't Be a Barrio Logan

Barriojustice, it isn't about those that were born here I have a problem with or those here legally. It is those that are here ILLEGALLY. Let me yell it out at the top of my lungs. The problem with ILLEGAL ALIENS are ILLEGAL ALIENS. Let them wait in line like other people from Vietnam, the Phillippines, Russia, Ireland, Somalia, Cambodia and even Mexico, etc. Illegal aliens are here illegally and are CHEATERS. They cheat everyone else trying to do it right. Do you like CHEATERS? I don't. CHEATERS ARE CHEATERS. I don't want to hear some romantic notion of defending the underprivileged to get your rocks off. I heard it all before "you are racist, you are heartless, you are evil". Take a number. As for people who were born in America and forced out by high rents. It happened to me living in North Park. North Park is changing. Hipsters (many from other states) are moving in and willing to pay higher rent. More new businesses are popping up. I am not entitled to some pre conceived notion that my rent is supposed to be low. It is called Capitalism. Supply and Demand. There is a demand in Barrio Logan and if the owners of the apartments have a limited supply they will charge what the market will pay. Refriedgringo, are you serious? I am packing my bags and gonna illegally cross into Mexico it sounds so good. I mean while I am making my trek to Mexico and see all those coming to America illegally I will tell them too turn back. "It isn't true, it is all false, Mexico has more to offer to Mexicans than America." How many do you think I will convince? 15 million Mexicans voted and left with their feet. Why are so many fighting deportation orders? Obviously you aren't here illegally and aren't desperate with nothing. I empathize with those that are here illegally but we as Americans can't service everyone. We can't even service our own citizens let alone anyone else. Mexico needs a bloody revolution. People will have to spill blood there to meet the needs of its citizens.
— October 24, 2009 4:10 p.m.

Soon There Won't Be a Barrio Logan

To the people of Barrio Logan bring it down or clean up your act. For the love of God what is so appealing about keeping a crime ridden neighborhood and filthy conditions? This article is great because it points out the racists of Barrio Logan. We live in America, I think? But according to the people of Barrio Logan this is Aztlan. Get off your myopic, paranoid, self loathing view that all the world is against you. This is supposedly an immigrant rich area. Now let me get this straight, Mexicans and Latinos risk life and limb to come to a nation that hates you, despises you and wants you out of their country? Now why would anyone cross the border to this? According to the logic of Barrio Logan this gentrification is doing this to all Mexicans and immigrants. Last time I checked: 1. Education for Mexicans in America is better than in Mexico 2. Health Care for Mexicans in America is better than in Mexico 3. Housing for Mexicans in America is better than in Mexico. 4. Working Conditions for Mexicans in America is better than in Mexico. 5. Running Water for Mexicans is better for America than in Mexico....Get the Point? These whiners of Barrio Logan are getting guess what? Priced out of the market. A capitalist concept. Not racist. How many old home owners sold out and were able to get a new house or place to stay in another town or were able to finance their children's education in the future? How many of the retired in Barrio Logan or others in San Diego "cashed out" before the housing crash and can live in security? I aint buying it with the people of Barrio Logan. The only part of this story I liked was the principal of Perkins Elementary School. This principal sees the larger view of the world for the children of the school. He knows that those kids must see themselves outside of the world of Barrio Logan. He wants them as achievers not victims. And some in Barrio Logan criticize him. Wow? Unfortunately the mantra of "keeping it real" in terms of race at the expense of a child's well being is fairly disturbing. For the Latino community to see every issue out of the lens of race only hinders their own educational and financial security. Mexicans leave their beloved homeland because America cares more about the well being of Mexicans than the government of Mexico. Mexico sucks, 15 Million illegal aliens Mexicans can't be wrong.
— October 19, 2009 9:15 a.m.

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