Broken Skull, Broken Heart

Dorian We are touched deeply by your story. Our family experienced a similar journey from an accident that happened to our son Ian Tilmann in 2005. Ian was 28 yo, served in the US Marines and took to action sports after he returned home. Ian was a dedicated longboarder who loved bombing hills, parking decks, any slope or grade. Ian had a Street Skater's attitude about helmets. He did not think he needed to wear one...he was ONLY skating. Ironically, he always wore a helmet riding his motorcycle. On May 16, 2005 Ian was bombing "Cemetary Hill" a local longboard sweet spot in Clearwater, FL. He was running on his new Gravity board. That night, his last run ever, Ian hit speed wobble and wheel bite, fell and fractured the back of his skull from ear to helmet! The call came in at 11:30pm from his crew, Ian was on his way the hospital, he fell and it was bad. In emergency, Ian was very combative and he was immediately placed into coma. The next ten days were spent at the hospital's NICU. Your story relives this time for us in a very personal way. We walked the same road as Aimee and your family for those agonizing ten days. Ian lay in coma, underwent two brain surgeries as everything possible was done to save his life. Our outcome was quite different. Ian died on May 26, 2005 from traumatic brain injury, he had no other serious injuries. All because he chose not wear a helmet. In Ian's memory, Marcy Tilmann(Ian,s Mom) founded the Foundation and establish the "Helmet for a Promise" program. The approach is simple and direct. If a you will promise to wear a helmet when they skate, we will give you one, FREE, custom ordered from S-ONE or Bern, pick your color and style, shipped to your home for $7, anywhere USA. Since 2006 we have placed 2300+ helmets. We also, have co-sponsored 25+ skate events in Florida and Malibu in 2008 to promote the promise and sign up Skaters. We stress personal choice to skate smart. Your story claims the message about helmets needs to reach Skaters. You know the risk first hand. As you promote the message to skate smart, please tell them about the "Helmet for a Promise" program. Send them to our website to learn more and take the pledge... The best to you and Aimee. Your determination is admiral, your recovery a miracle. Share the message to SKATE SMART...WEAR A HELMET..LIVE TO SKATE TOMORROW! Marcy & Barry Tilmann The Ian Tilmann Foundation, Inc
— April 23, 2010 8:35 p.m.

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