Wow this is a generic as description of what happened in the movie with a little bullshit gripe that you would have realized makes perfect sense in universe like do you honestly think you're clever "hur durr he can fly through water why does he look like he makes swimming motions sometimes lel I'm such a genius get rekt movie writers" well why does superman make walking motions on the ground when he could just stand perfectly straight and just slide everywhere obviously there's no need to it's easier and more natural to simply move your legs than fight the ground same thing in the water except even more so because it's pretty well implied that they move by controlling the water so those movements would still be him pushing against the water opposite the direction he wants to go for stability control and everything else yes he may be able to stand straight as a board and move wherever he wants but he gains nothing for the extra effort when swimming a little for control and everything is the obvious choice with the beginning being just you showing off how smart you think you are listing a bunch of movies and claiming that they have something to do with this one which they may but have no impact on the quality of the movie or anything really other than the masturbatory glee you feel when you feel superior only other thing you actually dissed is the acting which is completely objective and you didn't even attempt to justify it just dismissing it as "bad" and with only those two things you took a generic description of the movie into a negative review and probably got paid out the ass for it because you are a "top reviewer" when I could easily turn your whole review into a positive one by changing the word bad to good and taking out the stupid flying thing it is infuriating to me people like you make money by convincing a mass of ignorance you are smart and just saying as someone who actually knows some physics this movie was actually better than most superhero movies in that regard dont get me wrong there where plenty of materials with properties of which that no real world equivalent exists and yes they can do things with technology that we currently dont have any knowledge of being possible but with no real explanation of the underlying mechanisms for the things like water control and giving the ability to breathe underwater so you simply have to suspend disbelief but unlike most superhero movies there wasn't any really distracting purely physics mistakes
— December 26, 2018 4:08 a.m.

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