The Greek Apprentice

Posted by boo JESUS CHRIST. Is everyone on here serious? I invited Chad over to my house for my pal Tony's birthday BBQ. He came late, no big deal. people were drunk, no big deal. I have never used the DONG BONG, haven't shot gunned a beer quite some time, never have been in a Frat, nor have any of the other people at the party. Can't really help other people and their life choices as someone walks up to a house, but good for them I say! We drink to forget. ANYWAYS --- since everyone is super interested, like this is going to be a city council thing, it was around 1am when a handful of people went to the Bluefoot for a beer and the rest stayed behind (turns out a lot of people don't really like that place). We were quiet on the way there and quiet on the way back. In fact the cops came to our house to let us know that someone was in the area with a gun and to keep safe inside (maybe we should be worrying about that?) I too live in the area, so also don't want noise --- don't know when this turned into an article about noisey child loser people, pretty sure it's about regular people drinking crap beer really fast or something? So just so everyone can sleep a bit better tonight (of course not the people that bought homes next to a bar), NO ONE I KNOW FREQUENTS THE BLUEFOOT. I go there maybe once or twice a month if I need an IPA. And FEVER SLEEVES has no official opinion on binge drinking and really has nothing to do with the Braid cover song. But it does sound really good Tony! Thanks for reading and for the couple of band plugs! (I'm gonna do one too) -Nick
— October 19, 2010 3:38 p.m.

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