Cosplay in the park

I am not a regular reader; in all actuality, this is my first time on this site and my first time reading. I'm from the midwest. I do not know these people and thus have no obligation to 'defend their character'. I simply want to tell you what I thought of this article. I was excited to read this article when someone linked to it on another site. I thought, "finally! someone is covering this!" You know, not many people tend to report on non-mainstream hobbies like this and, initially, I had major respect for the reporter who was taking on this venture. When I started reading, however, I started thinking I had stumbled onto someone's private blog post. This article sounded too much like "the joke's on them." I would have appreciated a more objective view of this hobby from the reporter's standpoint; the reporter inserted too much of her biases here. Although I think her style of writing keeps you interested (it's certainly not dry writing by any means--very, very creative and readable), it seemed like a creative writing assignment--not a news article set to inform the general public about a widely practiced hobby. This upset me. As some others have said on here, now was the chance for the reporter to display this hobby in an objective, informative, and educative light. Instead, it was sensationalized. Please be wary of this in the future. I'm sure there's a fair compromise between creativity, self-expression and journalism. However, when your words have the power and potential to sway opinions of those who are less informed, you may have to tinker with the ratios a bit. "Circus freak"? Come on now. Wasn't there any other way you could describe her outfit creatively without using a word with a negative connotation? "dressed as a bunny...or maybe a yeti." This? Now this was good at evoking imagery while also being humorous. Sure, the cosplayer may disagree, but it certainly doesn't sound as condemning as the previous example. Do more of this in your article and it'll sound less judgmental.
— January 28, 2013 5:35 p.m.

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