Bouncers: 97% Nothing, 3% Hell and Terror

I worked the night this incident happened. The club in the Gaslamp Quarter was E street Alley. They were just opening up it was early in the night. There was no burlesque shows. The male patron Jason Lewis active duty Navy was on the box for go go dancers. He was asked by Brandon Mundinger to get down he refused. (fyi no clubs let patrons on the boxes due to safety concerns) He was told he needed to leave the club after he refused to get down and became verbally abusive. He complied when 2 other security officers approached him to assist Brandon. The 2 guards walked behind the patron toward the stairs that led to the alley they consisted of 5 stairs. Lewis reached the landing Brandon was on the fourth step and struck by Lewis. Once he was struck he was out cold struck his head and died. Brandon was not just a "Bouncer". He was a great kid, a son a brother and a friend. He had his life ahead of him. He loved motorcycles and had a great sense of humor. Those of us who knew him miss him. Brandon was doing his job a security officer. Lewis was caught by Brandon's fellow security officers as he tried to run away. To show you how professional the staff was no one did anything to Lewis. He deserved a lot more than he got as far as punishment goes. If it had been law enforcement who was struck the punishment would have been more severe I am sure. These guys in your article just want to tell war stories. Bouncers don't exist anymore. They did 30 years ago when I first started doing this. If you look around there are women and average "Joe's" who do nightclub security. Our job involves being a public relations person. If a club allows the security staff to beat someone up they set themselves up to be sued and not have any patrons they want in there because everyone will stay away. Also San Diego PD Vice will shut them down.
— January 9, 2009 5:02 p.m.

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