Let’s Toast to Banning Booze

Sorry for the furlough, but I've been busy PARTYING MY BUTT OFF in celebration of the Laker championship. As for running for council, I don't think I can beat Sam Assmann. He's got more than a leg up on me, not to mention my vote. And yes, SD, magic friggin' wands. My description was hyperbolic, but the fundamentals are true. I think they already started a similar program up in Del Mar or somewhere. If anyone out there knows, pray tell. Aldous echoes a friend of mine's sentiments. She suggests a city issued license to drink available to anyone who can prove they were born in So Cal. (I think she means born in San Diego County, but expanded the geographical boundaries for my benefit so as not to offend.) I couldn't agree more with Aldous. We pay the taxes, support the businesses and keep the watchful eye on our towns. Too bad the proposal would reek havoc on those trying to enforce it (the drinking part, that is; the parking enforcement would be easy). It is fair and just and does not allow for the rich to privatize the commons, but rather the locals to reap the benefits of citizenship. Too bad most of City Council's in the pockets of the big out of town developers, otherwise we could bring this idea up in front of them. One last solid point: the locals are already home; so when they drink, they don't have to drive home. Ahh, but logic like that falls on deaf ears when dealing with birdbrains. Aldous, which biblical Book is that from? I must confess: I was born in LA.
— June 19, 2009 5:22 p.m.

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