Why the Confederates Don't Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Very nicely written article and interesting facts about the true meaning of Cinco de Mayo. While Mexico may or may not have prevented the French from supporting the US Confederacy in the US Civil War is not that relevant in my oppinion. Why do we in the US celebrate this Mexican holiday? If you are of Mexican heritage, then by all means celebrate the holiday if you even know what it is you are celebrating, which by this article's tone, most do not. In America we celebrate our Independence Day among others. If you live and work in America and reap the benefits, this is something you should celebrate and be grateful. The British and French have contributed much more to to the US in World War II among other battles. Why do we not celebrate every French and British recognition day then as this article claims "partners" should. When did Mexico ever send their military or monetary support to help us fight dictatorships, communism, chemical warfare powers, etc...? I don't remember Mexico stepping up after 911 like many governments, who don't share our border, did with finanical, military, and much, much more support. When did Mexico step up with it's so called "Partner" and fight oppression, world hunger, world disease with their support? I can't think of too many historic or recent cases in history where Mexico has been this great partner of ours. I think Cinco de Mayo should be celebrated by those of Mexican heritage, but as far as the rest of us, why?
— April 21, 2010 2:34 p.m.

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