Military Members Sue BBG Communications

I am a plaintiff on the other Mattes/Manfield case against BBG Communications, Inc. By understanding that no reasonable person would even consider the possibility of being charged $172 for about seven minutes of calls from a payphone using a debit card, brothers Gregorio and Rafael Galicot, the owners of BBG Communications, robbed $172 from my wife and me in Frankfurt Airport in 2009. I know well the game that BBG Communications’ defense will play in the Leipzig GI scam case. My case began in the standard way with a demand letter sent to BBG Communications. Here’s what the response I received from San Diego attorney Jerry Gumpel had to say in an attempt to deflect the wrongdoings of the Galicots to another country where the chances of bringing the Galicots and their BBG Scam to justice are exactly zero: “Please be advised that you addressed your letter to the wrong party. BBG Communications, Inc. does not provide telecommunication services for calls originating in Europe. The correct party to whom you should address your letter to is BBG Global AG, a Swiss corporation.” Oh really, Mr. Gumpel, because here’s what the very website of BBG Communications, Inc. ( has to say about the matter: “Our interconnect and billing arrangements enable us to directly carry and deliver telecommunications traffic and bill customers in Canada, Germany, Japan, UK, the US and virtually all countries with credit card transactions.” Hmmm. In defense of BBG’s scamming American soldiers in Leipzig, Sheppard Mullin attorney Fred Puglisi will keep repeating Gumpel's words. But really, Mr. Puglisi. Gregorio and Rafael are US citizens who live and work in San Diego, and they are subject to all laws of the United States and California. They do not live or work in Switzerland. BBG Global is a sham, a shell, a fraud, a scam, created only to avoid justice and to avoid taxes. The Galicots own BBG Communications, and they own BBG Global (whatever, if anything, that means). An attorney on yet another case against BBG has aptly described the Galicot brothers as a pair of pants with two pockets called BBG Communications and BBG Global. If you go to BBG Global’s tiny office in Switzerland during business hours, don’t expect to find anyone there. The Swiss office is a far cry from the glorious building their website shows (which just happens to be the United Nations building). They don’t have a single employee in Switzerland who works full time for them, and they don’t even list a contact telephone on their glitzy, phony website. The demand letter to BBG Global in Switzerland that Jerry Gumpel suggested was hand delivered to their office by an attorney for my case. A year later that letter is unanswered. It’s time for Gregorio, Rafael, Jerry, and Fred to call it a night. Shame on all of you for scamming the GI's who sacrifice so much on your behalf!
— October 19, 2011 9:42 p.m.

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