Go Directly to Jail...and Die

This case is very dificult. For one it does not matter what country a person is from! This is the United States of America the land of the FREE! NOT everyone can just walk into an ER and get immediate services. Before it is all sent into the prison or jail system, if you look at the "crime" itelf. if one is committed. If you are a suspect in any crime and you stroll into an ER they cannot touch you until the police show up and clear you. EMS rolls up on a scene before the police, they cannot treat you or even leave their vehicle until the police come to clear the scene. You could be shot and bleeding to death but the police do not come for 20-40 minutes later but the ambulance was there 5 minutes after the call. Is that considered neglect?? What about if you are an EMT or firefighter, paid or not if you witness an accident you are technically not allowed to leave the scene of that incident until cleared by police. If you do leave the scene before cleared and the victim dies, you can be charged with their death. I personally would not want that on my consience, sitting in the ambulance waiting for the police to show up while a person dies in front of my eyes.. I would much rather lose my job. As for Castaneda's case, they could have passed it off at first but as it got worse, they should have taken the proper measures to take care of it. They thought with all the deaths and money they were saving by letting them all suffer then release them... well they thought they were coverin their oen arse.. GREEDY, GREEDY,GREEDY what would that mean if they spent a few million on health care?They would have less funds, but what did the funds go for anyhow? They were housing 3 people in a cell so it wasn't for construction of new cells.... Then I think the topper to this one is they had people wash the medical records clean, that tells you right there they KNEW they were guilty and proceeded through with it anyway. Must have paid that person off with the money they were saving huh?? I think that someone should come through and look through all the guards reports of observations unless they weren't even writing it down... this whole thing just sickens me. Anyone who has even had a wisdom tooth bother them knows that is makes the whole side of your face hurt from tour jaw to your ear to your head... Can you imagine having that pain CONTINUOSLY for MONTHS before getting it even looked at. After you take a medicine for so long your body becomes immune to it so it does not work anymore... How would that pain feel EVERYDAY ALL DAY??? That is just from a TOOTH!!!!! I cannot even imagine what Castaneda went through. I know it will not bring her father back but they took her father away and I hope they set Vanessa up financially for LIFE!!!
— December 17, 2008 10:01 a.m.

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