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Hi SDaniels, I have been caught in a traffic stop by SDPD, allowing Critical Mass bikers through to turn right from Park, at the McDonalds. We (I was a passenger in a friend's car) were held there for quite some time while riders went past, many of them pounding the car as they passed. They were also cutting through McDonalds. When we finally were allowed to go, by police direction, we had to drive through McDonalds & I noticed there were many cars "stuck" in that parking lot. The bikers continued on, while we turned on 10th. It was a delay of at least 20 minutes. The following month, I heard a bunch of people whooping & hollering. I went out and there was a large group of bicyclists going south on 9th, directed to do so by SDPD on Broadway. 9th is one-way, going north. A car turned from F onto 9th and had to sit there because the street was crowded by bikers. There are more stories like this and I think the City needs to stop it. I do agree that the downtown area is not conducive to bycycling & I see them riding on the sidewalks all the time. I have been trying to get people out of their cars for many years. It is a California thing! Whatever the purpose of Critical Mass, they have succeeded in making people dislike bycyclists more than ever. MsGrant, I participated in many walks for charity when I was able. Bycycling is the same concept. The difference is, cars can & do run bicyclists off the road, whereas they won't drive into a group of people walking. Usually, the charity ride participants have a special Tshirt or a bib. That 'should' keep drivers out of the way. PistilPete is from Chicago???? You'll have to let me know what you think of Wolffys. Thanks for reading
— February 16, 2010 7:17 a.m.

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