I was bred for this

There are two kingdoms, one fleshly and one spiritual, Jesus said "My Kingdom is not from here", the spiritual comes first then the fleshly. Kingdom = Government. Jehovah's Witnesses clearly follow Jesus Christ according to the Bible. Jesus is there King and ruler of the Heavenly Government which is above all other Governments on Earth. This man's mother clearly followed after a higher Government, God's Government the Bible. Jesus said in his word "Come Be My Follower" this man's mom is doing just that throught the Jehovah's Witnesses Organization, check out there website, it tells the truth. Referring to strick commands from Jehovah Witnesses, He clearly mentioned the swearing in to become a soldier in the U.S. Military and having to follow all there commands and orders especially to leave your family and babies to fight for u.s. military and die for u.s. military. To become a JW or follower of Jesus, two commands, one is to Love Jehovah God your Father with all your heart, soul and mind, second to love your neighbor as yourself. See you can't be a true christian and follower of Jesus and the Bible and be in the military at the same time. Jesus says don't kill the military says kill. See true christianity is everywhere, all over the world and its message is peace not war. Imagine a so called christian fighting in the u.s. military against iraq. You are killing untold thousands of innocent iraqi people that have nothing to do with the war and some of them are christians that love and follow Jesus Christ also, then back home in america you say God Bless Our Troops! Truly speaking how can the True God of the Bible Bless your troops whom you say are christians and not bless theres who say they are christians. So the fact of the matter is God of the Bible won't bless this war or the people in it, He never approved of it in the first place. So Jehovah Witnesses win in the end, they tell the truth the others don't.
— June 17, 2010 6:05 a.m.

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