Educational turf war down south

MyFavoriteTeacher/Bvavsv - as human beings we come into discussions like this based on OUR personal experiences. The need for Unions is well documented as we witnessed that need during 'the gandara' and 'Brand 2'. I shudder to think what would have happened to my family members if they would not have had that protection once the District learned of my familial ties to them. Having said that, not all 'children with issues' come from loud mouth parents who fail to identify the problems of their child. I raised a family members child for 17 years - that child ran away from home, broke into a teachers car and stoled her purse - once he retrieved her money from the wallet he ceremoniously proceeded to throw the purse up on top of one of the schools buildings. To make a long story short the police found him and when I asked how he had survived he shared what he had done. That Monday he and I sat in the AP's office where he was forced, by me, to tell of the theft. No doubt by the end of the day the story had circulated throughout the teacher network and I am most certain there are some who 'may' have presumed 'can you imagine the home life he must have to do such a thing'. My point we as parents do the best we can IN MOST CASES -AND- teachers do the best they can IN MOST CASES. THE KEY - both entities must work together for the benefit of the child. MyFav - Regarding your comment on School Boards - this community has not yet healed from the many dysfunctional years of the past. And while yes, we have a new Board here in SUHSD territory controversies are beginning to service and the lack of campaign promises being honored is troubling. We are being asked to weigh in on a PLA and 1.5 BILLION WITH a B BOND - while being told to be patient on issues of Best Practices being implemented. SDCity Schools, at every Board meeting being heralded as the be all to end all by Trustee Hall - yet we have just witnessed as the Board Pres was forced to step down for actions akin to Jesus Gandara's wedding shower AND yesterday Voice of San Diego published story sharing the fact that ALL OF THE BOND MONIES CITY SCHOOLS HAS HAD AT ITS DISPOSAL AMOUNTED TO LITTLE IN THE FORM OF BETTER SCHOOLS (sound familiar). Until and unless ALL PARTIES MAKE A DETERMINED EFFORT TO JOIN FORCES FOR THE GOOD OF STUDENTS VS. THEIR SPECIAL INTERESTS WE WILL CONTINUE TO COME TO MS. LUZZARO's ARTICLES AND BANG AWAY AT OUR KEYBOARDS OUT OF FRUSTRATION. Maybe, just Maybe some of those folks sending their students to Charters are doing so because of all of the controversy surrounding special interests, lack of fiscal responsibility or data indicative that our students are regressing vs progressing. ******* 7 of the 9 children I have raised are products of CV Elementary and SUHSD - two are educators in the SUHSD - the others like these 2 received a stellar educational by both Districts one being Special Ed. To ALL OF THOSE ADMINISTRATORS, TEACHER AND COACHES I SAY THANK YOU!!!
— March 3, 2016 3:07 p.m.

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