Public Records Suggest Southwestern College Used Public Funds Frivolously

So, am I pompous because I disagree that I am the one intimidating folks (I wasn't the one cited for failing to foster an atmosphere of trust), or because of the manner in which I responded to your friend's taunts? You don't have your link sussed out, but I think what you were trying to link to was the story about the email I sent from my home computer on a weekend celebrating Labor Day and the Rodda Act - the bill that was signed into law by Jerry Brown that gave educators the right to collective bargaining (not something unusual for a union president at an institution of higher learning to do). There was also a paragraph about supporting Jerry Brown, which the district said went against their policy on campaigning. No, I'm human like everyone else. I just think that there should be equal enforcement of the policy of not using school resources for campaigning. The VP who was given the task of calling me to his office and with putting a letter in my file was present when the college paid for the Frida's event at which during the program for the night, at least one college administrator stood up and campaigned for the incumbents. That was on the school dollar, er your and my dollar my friend and I don't recall the VP taking action in that case. Anyway, you miss the point, I'm not the one on the dais that has led this college to brink of losing its accreditation. This really isn't about me. It is about a community wanting a board that will return the focus back to education at SWC. Andy MacNeill
— October 26, 2010 1:20 a.m.

Public Records Suggest Southwestern College Used Public Funds Frivolously

Thanks Phil for laying out how we have been intimidating folks into creating all of the problems at Southwestern. I'm particularly proud of the climate of fear we have created by getting you and three other faculty placed on academic leave after supporting students in a rally at which they protested the cutting of 429 classes - how dare they! Of course, we were intimidating the board enough at the same time for them to stash away another $500,000 to bring their reserves up to $14 mil. this year (the classes we intimidated them into cutting would have cost $1.4 to reinstate leaving them with about $12.6 mil. or 8% more than the prudent 5% reserve suggested by the state). We've done a heck of a job at intimidating the district into eliminating the reassigned time of the award winning forensics team advisers and the #1 college newspaper in the country's adviser while giving the president/sup a raise. Oh, and who can forget how we intimidated the district into banning the SUN from printing that #1 college newspaper in the country? This has all been hard work and fun, but nowadays we're more committed to intimidating the general public into voting for a change at SWC. Already we were able to intimidate a group of students into going to the last governing board meeting in tears to stand up and explain why they would not be voting for the incumbents. Next, we're going to intimidate faculty and staff into continuing the excellent job they do of intimidating students into getting an education. You see, we weren't able to intimidate WASC into slamming the faculty, staff, or educational programs at SWC in their accreditation report. We were only able to intimidate them into citing the problems with the running of the college. Well, gotta go. Off to intimidate my neighbors into voting for Norma Hernandez, Tim Nader, and Jesseca Saenz-Gonzalez for the Southwestern College Board. - Andy MacNeill
— October 25, 2010 2:39 a.m.

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