Fear and Distrust in Baja

What happenned to keeping the route between the border and the toll road a "free of police" zone? While that was in effect, we were at least able to rest in the fact we wouldn't be bribed in that part of the road. No more. Police are back to bribing unsuspecting tourists in that area. Young people beware. My daughter, 19 years old, while driving alone from the border to our house, was stopped by the police near the toll booth, where he fondled her breasts through the drivers window, while my daughter cried and was terrified. She was sure she was going to be raped. He then forced her to park beside the road, and would not allow her to leave for 45 minutes. She came home crying, and shaking. Of course, no one should drive alone in Tijuana, which we know now, much less raise children there. We have lived in San Antonio del Mar for 15 years, and the municipal and federal police have been our worst problem and fear. We have been stopped many times for bribes, in Tijuana and Rosarito as well, although Rosarito seems to have gotten better. To the writer of this article, how do we ask "officials from the federal division of roads and bridges" to come to our rescue? We still live in San Antonio del Mar, but can say we deeply regret moving into Mexico. We are now fixing our house up for sale. Can I suggest that an enterprising individual began an ocean ferry service from Rosarito to San Diego? What a relief that would be, as long as there are no police on board!! To the Mayor, I applaud your work in trying to clean out the problems. I suggest video cameras be used in cruisers, so that evidence can be made against the police. You do not really expect us to report a matter, do you, knowing that the police and the cartels are connected, and the first thing the police do is ask us for our drivers license, which has our name and address etc.? What a nightmare!!!
— July 27, 2009 12:18 p.m.

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