Engineers dislike H-1B; bosses gloat

I am 61 and near the end of my career - I have seen this going on since graduation in 1973. It affects ALL engineers!!! Undergrads who go into computer science saw a crash in salaries so dramatic that they went into other disciplines or left the profession: this happened in the late 70s, mid-80s, and 1998-2004. I would wager that an earnings comparison of 20 to 30 years (across GENERATIONS) would show that earnings are nowhere near keeping up with inflation. Don't leave Cisco out of this: they practice the same, and a manager told me that engineers have to meet the (distorted) market like anyone else. In my practice I pay a living wage for engineers and architects: others do not: they don't have to...... I could not live with myself if I did what they are doing. If Joe Public thinks it's only a bunch of whining college boys: think of this: the innovation and invention is done by the engineers and STEMs, more than any other field. Put them out to pasture AND show them a way to rip off their peers, and there is no future for this USA. One more example: John Thain, Mechanical Engineering undergrad at MIT -- went on to financial hijinks that earned a criminal prosecution -- he learned how this new game is played. How can engineers, who bring so much to the table, who will stay up and wrestle with complex problems and do such creative things, allow themselves to be mistreated this way? How can a nation mistreat such an essential source of intellectual creativity?
— January 13, 2013 10:59 p.m.

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