Transaction Tax: You Can’t Tax Greed

im curious what combination of upbringing, genetics, and life experiences contribute to create people that envy others and seek to punish those they envy. im completely self made. didnt go to your stupid liberal colleges/babysitting centers, didnt get paid government money for any reason, dont envy my employers for being millionaires, didnt have a trust fund or any inheritance, and bought a new vette at the end of 08 and a new house at the end of 09. not broke. not in debt i didnt carefully plan for. not a republican. not a democrat. not a tea-partier. not affiliated with ANY of your mass-market categories you need so desperately to avoid taking on ideas directly. what do you think people like ME think of you disgusting fools who love hearing yourselves talk and try to hide your lies behind phrases like "level the playing field" and the ridiculous, evil, terrifying things elizabeth warren is saying. how much do you think the factory owner pays in taxes compared to his employee? *10* times as much would be on the low end. looks like all those roads, schools, and public safety were paid by the factory owner, not the employee. EMPLOYEES ARE INTERCHANGEABLE. you can kick one out and hire another one right in his place. the employer OWES THEM NOTHING but what they agreed to be paid. you tighten the noose around your own neck when you give in to the lies people like warren spout. FIGHT. fight that feeling inside you that makes you sneer and piss on the people who really ACT and CREATE in this world.
— September 25, 2011 2:17 p.m.

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