Diana Gonzalez Murder Case Prompts March on San Diego D.A.’s Office

One of the beautiful things about America is that for the most part, we are free in our own business because we make the basic assumption that we have legitimate ends and means in what each of us does. The unfortunate consequence is that when one of us is seriously twisted, it just isn't possible to fully protect and defend any of the rest of us from that twisted person while still holding onto that blessing of liberty, a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. I am sickened that Diana Gonzalez was killed on the same open camps where I spent the majority of my adult life as a student, tutor, student leader, and involved member of the academic community. I am even more disgusted by her killer, someone who has conveniently put all of this behind him and is remaking his life somewhere else in Mexico. I would rather cut off my hand than injure the women who are close to me, or any other person for that matter, much less kill any of them. I don't know her killer, but if his memory of this eats through him from the inside out, then it is well deserved, for this coward will only be caught if he is foolish enough to cross the border. There is a warning here for women at City College. Look for the sincerity in the man who wants to be with you, where he is not challenged by your effort to improve yourself and have a better life. Too many of us men have an egotistical sense of self-justification even as we wallow in our own lack of ambition. Never tolerate the man who hurts you... and be selective enough that you don't get involved with one like that in the first place. No man needs to hurt a woman except to satisfy himself, and that's the sort of self-justification that can lead one to kill. Over the decades I've seen things at City College, it's not that unusual to see a teenage girl mature into a woman who outgrows the immaturity of the so-called man she happens to have been with when she started her college career. Good riddance to egotistical bad boy who refuses to grow up and become a man.
— December 21, 2010 11:34 p.m.

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