Nathan Fletcher’s Untold Stories

The importance of his background is that Fletcher has been lying about it, with his account of 2 Democratic parents. First, mom was a teacher, then started a battered women's shelter. Dad was a factory worker turned police officer. First to go to college, etc., etc. There has been a pattern of deception all along. On a recent telephone conference with constituents, Fletcher boasted of saving the state $1 billion by working with the Governor to close a tax loophole. 2 problems here: the bill died and there is now a citizens initiative to attempt to close this loophole; and he only supported it when it was revenue neutral and did not violate the Grover Norquist pledge. During this same call, If I had taken a drink every time Fletcher said the word, "Chelsea", I would have been very drunk. Yet, not one person asked a question pertaining to Chelsea's Law. It was frankly bizarre! And, he was unable to answer direct questions. Responses were in the form of a grandiose speech each time. I've seen communities live through these kinds of tragedies and it is painful for everyone. I was in No CA when Polly Klaas was brutally murdered, endured the community pain of the loss of Danielle Van Damme and still hear stories of Cara Knott who was brutally assaulted and murdered by a San Diego Police Officer from Poway. I've never seen this kind of sick and twisted attempt to prey on community emotions for one's own political ambitions.
— May 28, 2012 4:04 p.m.

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