Are San Diego streetlight spy cams leaking privacy?

My takeaway is that after spending some sorely-needed-elsewhere funds, the city isn't getting the payoff from these cameras. Could it be that those cams don't really deliver the goods? So, the always cash-strapped city, now headed by not-so-strong mayor Sunny, dumped $3/4 million down a rathole with little to show for it. The cop who is charged with getting the goods writes emails expressing his frustration at the poor response and results. If you reside in the city of SD, you must ask yourself what better use that fat sum of money could have provided. For starters, look at the execrable condition of many streets--even after Sunny's program to make them better--and wonder how many miles or yards or streets were not resurfaced with those funds. The UK, aka Great Britain, is now supposed to be the most videoed society in the world. Curious isn't it that it is generally seen as polite and law-abiding? Actually that isn't so; the place is plagued by "yobs" (what we here would call thugs or bros) who can be counted upon to disrupt the public peace. The courts in Merrie Olde England can't keep up with the petty crime--the bewigged judges were trained for a different sort of society. So, to make up for the criminal justice breakdown, the bobbies, aka "Peelers" or local police use surveillance cams to fill the gap. If folks can't behave properly in England/Wales/Scotland, where can they be expected to? Are we headed in that direction? Yes we are, and this misbegotten and mismanaged smart streetlight system is just evidence of it. Will the city get it working? Who knows. If it is made to work as promised, will it cut down on street crime and vice? Don't count on that either. What you can count on is more financial waste and more dead-end attempts to make the city crime free. Good luck.
— November 11, 2019 8:09 p.m.

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