Gambling good. Stripping bad.

Dan Hom/ is no friend of Chula Vista. In the past, he has tried to ram down our throats 550 condo units in the Lower Sweetwater Valley next to the KOA Kampground. Thankfully, he and Bill Ostrem failed. He tried to influence the removal of Jade Bay mobilehome park. He was successful in closing it down, but sadly it has been a vacant property for years, and about 50 families had to move from a lovely park for nothing. Dan Hom was also a big promoter of SR-125, and while he won that battle, we all agree a toll-road was a losing proposition for Chula Vista. In 2006, Dan Hom ran for Chula Vista City Council. He convinced a lot of people that he was a financial wizard, siting how much money he had made in a business start-up. It turned out that was not telling the whole truth -- the business actually terminated in a bankruptcy. When we learned this, many of us threw our support to Steve Castaneda, and thankfully Hom did not get a seat on the City Council. Dan Hom/ is not a friend of Chula Vista!
— November 19, 2015 11:49 a.m.

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