ResMed: Please refuse to play the subsidy game

Don I can tell that you have never had a job at a corporation where you actually have to compete in a global environment. Its very easy to judge business decisions from your ivory tower in the newspaper office without ever really have worked in a company like Resmed. Are you aware of the already existing taxes levied on Resmed and other med device companies? How about the costs to a company by unions, other taxes and regulations? It sucks the life out of companies and throttles down innovation. Believe me, I live it daily. You only watch it on TV and get Obama's version of it. (who, by the way has also never had a real job). Those 'handouts' given by the government are tax breaks on already massive and suffocating corporate taxes. Reduce those and the crushing regulations and this will create a friendly business climate. And I come from a union family, and even we can see their effects on companies today. Farrell never asked for a handout, you put those words in his mouth for the benefit of this article. Essentially, made something up to backup your weak points. Do you know why businesses move operations overseas? You villify companies that are trying to survive in the USA any way they can. I guess they should be quiet and pay the massive taxes then quietly go overseas. That is a better more humane way to handle it. You, sir, have not a clue what drives this economy or how a real business operates.
— December 20, 2012 9:52 a.m.

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