Former San Ysidro schools chief Manuel Paul won’t speak

Where to begin ??? Maybe his print shop in Mexico that does print work for the district through a shell printer in otay owned by Paul and his cousins the hermosillos !!!! Or the pay off the board and super got from the current contractor who is rebuilding the Schools for San ysidro now ????!!!! Board has known about the pay offs because the all receive there share of it !!! Why do you think they fight so hard to stay ??? The money is very good as a board member And I got it from a former boArd member !!!! Every one hopes the district attorney will do something but until u clean house nothing will happen !!! If they investigate the current contractor they are using to rebuild the schools they will find that he is related to someone in the district high up !!! But nobody wants the truth not even the news paper !!! Fact is that no one really cares !!! They just pretend to and want to be able to say that they tried !!! Why did the last board member quit after asking for a home !!!! Because the were part of the case !!! Now since the case against them has been dropped the only thing that comes to mind is that they are turning snitch on this case and it is slowly coming out !!!! Just like Paul was a key witness to the case and now he got paid off by the district to keep his mouth shut and plead the fifth and the school districts attorney will now fight to block every thing from coming out !!! See its cheaper to pay off Paul than to pay 18 million to the law suit filed against them and even if they loose it still buys them the time they want !!!! Did everyone know that Paul and his wife together have an income of close to half a million a year working for different districts ??? Talk about being greedy !!!! Oh yeah like some in San ysidro say He is innocent and he has worked here his whole life for the children !!! Hell no he did work for his own children to give them high paying jobs and some experience so they can later transfer and live life grand !!! HahahahahHh FU. MP
— April 30, 2013 9:50 p.m.

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