Bypassing Bylaws in Golden Hill

GHSupporter makes me laugh. When I see graffiti in my neighborhood, I think DAMN WHY ISNT THE *** CITY *** PAINTING THIS WITH THE *** TAX *** MONEY ALLOCATED FOR IT? When people off La Jolla Shores see graffiti in their neighborhood, do you think they have to pay an assessment to get it removed? So La Jolla, Point Loma, etc get to spend their tax money ONCE. Us? We get to spend it twice. Because I'm latino? Because I'm too stupid to see what the city is doing? What am I really being told here--by both city AND GGHCDC/MAD? that because I'm part of a stupid club? And the tax--that can increase by 5% a year. No wonder they are so pissed about this! Totally messes up their plans I bet. I too would not be happy if I was planning on a $30k raise in 10 years. That right suckas, I learned how to add. $60k x 5% x 10 years = $90k. So some ahole is going to make $90k a year telling people how to plant trees. Do you they think I'M GOING TO GET THIS KIND OF RAISE? HELL NO. I might get 1-2% a year, IF IM LUCKY. And my cost goes from $77 to about $120. GREAT! Like I said, $30k and a white truck. That is the problem. It's not about Spanish, Black, White. It's bout the city, GGHCDC and MAD thinking we're too stupid to see what we are up to, making us pay TWICE what wealthier (probably whitey too but I digress) folks don't. How does that help our community? I say go put an assessment on Point Loma for the GGHCDC anti-graffiti work. We've got it hard enough as it is. GHSupporter, please open your eyes. ps. great posts joe.
— September 22, 2009 4:53 a.m.

Bypassing Bylaws in Golden Hill

Hey now! Someone played the race card. So now its us, latinos, against the white man. You are quite mistaken--if ANY oversight committee does not believe the implementation in its area of oversight is a) ethical b) prudent and c) legal, then it has both a moral and a legal mandate to do what is necessary to ensure transparency. I've read the code and what is suggested here is a clear violation, to the point it seems like the GGHCDC / MAD doesn't even care they could go to jail. It's unfortunate because our community does deserve to have better then wasteful spending of our community resources. People keep saying "Look the mattresses are gone." I can think of a million ways the year should have gone, that didn't cost buku bucks and still pick up mattresses. Instead we have a bunch of talentless no-hopers in the GGHCDC / MAD sucking up to the man, unable to see the future and unwilling to partake in discourse to get there. How is that hope and change? Do I think I could do a better job? Yes. Especially in these uncertain times, all I'd need is $30k, a pager and a white truck. You see graffiti? You page me and I'm out there painting. I wouldn't need to soak the community for money, raising the cost of living. The Dow jones average fell from 14,000 and change to just under 7,000 LAST march. Think about this for a minute: half the wealth of America evaporated in 15 months. This impacts everyone. Bank liquidity, business owners, tenants, homeowners all face a money crisis. What job is steady in these times? Most of us here don't work for the city, and our jobs are all on the line for the next 2-3 years. So what does the GGHCDC / MAD do? Make our lives tougher. Taking money OUT of our community and putting it into other people's pockets--who cares what ethnicity they are. What does the MAD oversight committe do? Give a half million dollars in cold hard cash BACK to our community. How do I know those fumbling through the show are a bunch of talentless no-hopers? Because the oversight committee shouldn't have been the ones taking the lead on that--that is exactly what I'd expect an honest GGHCDC / MAD to do. Remember: Rome fell when citizens became subjects. The political class ceased to really care, and started doing their own thing. Thats why I'm passionate. I want Golden Hill to be the best community it deserves to be. So I wonder: am I citizen, or a subject to the kings that want to be?
— September 20, 2009 4:05 a.m.

Bypassing Bylaws in Golden Hill

In Soviet Russia, when the central leaders of the Communist Politburo did not approve of elected Oblast committees, committee members were exported to Siberia and positions were then opened for being "filled". If you wanted 4/5ths of the ukranian vodka production for your own city's supply, but only got 1/10th...well...after a few trips to the hurt locker, guess what: you got your 4/5ths of corruption. Obviously, the CDC is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, because Golden Hill is not located in Soviet Russia. Last I checked, when an elected official--which is what the MAD members are--is unlawfully removed from office, which is what happens when an elected board member is removed from their elected position, their power of speech, as granted to them by their electorate and THUS the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION, has been infringed. In essence, the CDC, an appointed body who ignores it's own oversight board has LESS of a legal leg to stand on as it begins an assault on the fundamental principles of EXISTENCE IN AMERICA. Imagine the ramifications: you and your mob buddies don't like an honest mayor? Out he goes in favor of one who will look the other way. When the original MAD board was elected, a guideline was created. ooops. If the GHCDC engaged an attorney, they need a better one. In fact, I would go so far as to say the GHCDC, an appointed body, probably ought to have their own positions vacated by the city in exchange for one less likely to cause friction in the community. If 12 out of 15 ELECTED oversight positions, and thus 80% of the GH population, are not in favor of APPOINTED GhCDC actions, is MAD really the problem--or the GHCDC? Remember GHCDC who you work for.
— September 19, 2009 9:41 a.m.

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