Starlight Bowl

First of all, continuing to maintain a theater in the middle of a flight path for a major airport is the dumbest idea I have ever witnessed. This theater needs to keep up with the times. When people like myself go to the theater to see a play or a musical, our theater experience and expectations are very high. I do not expect to sit in a crude, industrial like, football type stadium setting, to enjoy a more refined venue such as a play. Annie might have been a totally different experience in a "REAL THEATER" where I might have overlooked the terrible singing and the terrible acting. There was absolutely NO talent in the cast of actors. The actress playing the part of Miss Hanigan had such an awful voice, I had to hold my ears when she sang. The same goes for the kid who played Annie. They could all use some more voice training. At about a half hour into this musical, and about 15 airplanes later, we walked out. I should also make mention of the morons who help you find your seat once inside the theater, and who added to this very negative experience. There was still 20-minutes to go before the show would begin. I got out my video camera to videotape my husband walking towards me. This woman comes over and tells me I am not allowed to use a video camera in the theater. I retorted with..."The play has not yet started!! I am not videotaping anything to do with the play." Being the typical "sheeple," with no brain to analyze common sense, she repeated the same thing about not videotaping inside the theater. Avid theater goers like ourselves all know that "DURING THE PERFORMANCE," videotaping is not permitted. These people are obviously not properly trained so that the rules of the theater are properly interpreted. Second of all, we were seated in section XXX, a million miles away from the stage, although in the "B" section, and stadium seats is all that would be seen on the videotape in this section. I would NEVER return to this "non" theater to see ANY future performances.
— August 22, 2009 2:34 p.m.

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