The Gathering Place Church

Did you know that God loves you so much that He offered up His only son to die for you? Did you know, that Jesus actually raised Himself from the dead and conquered death? He is actually alive. And as a result, those who call upon His name, and come to God in His name, find eternal life, peace, joy, and power. Power over sin, and power over sickness. He listens to your prayers and answers. I have seen Him give a blind man sight,a brand new ear drum to my friend who was deaf since birth in his left ear. I have seen people be healed from cancer, asthma, all to the praise and glory of Jesus Christ who is alive and worthy of our praise. This isn't a religion at all....It is a relationship with God who loves us, and those who show hatred for this free gift of love and forgiveness, are indirectly crying out for it the most....and my friends, It is still available to you, until you breathe your last breath. I will praise His name (Jesus)forever, for I have seen His incredible power heal many, including me, and I have felt His undying love cover me and my family through every difficulty in life. "Whosoever would call upon His name shall be saved." (Rom 10:13) It is a free gift. You only have to believe. No one forces it on you. You can't earn it. Some enjoy being bound by anger and hate because of the deep pain they suffer inside. But deep down, underneath all that anger, they are crying out for help. Even if someone shows hatred toward this message of grace, I am just glad they took time to read it. God's spoken word never returns void. I hope those who read these blogs will dare to come to The Gathering Place Church just once....and then watch what God does from there..... You can even leave your money at home, when you come. ;) Just come as you are. I did. And boy am I glad I did. The peace is just unending. The love is so real. The power of God is so evident....Wow.(sigh) It is always so encouraging to remember all God has done.....That is why we want you to experience it too. I pray you do. :)
— February 26, 2009 5:29 p.m.

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