Sweetwater Union HS District Votes to Buy iPads for 7th-Graders

The troubling aspect of this is that an Interim Superintendent and 3 Board Members are facing recall, 2 Board Members are up for re-election in November and with the exception of Ms. Lopez, they all thought nothing of shackling the new superintendent and future Board members with debt that simply cannot be sustained. One would think that Brand would want to get the District on the right track, but then looking back, he left it in a mess, now there seems to no direction. Let's see... 1. Tell the Charter School parents if their 7 & 8 graders are not eligible for the "Compact" unless they are enrolled in SUHSD. 2. After feeling the heat from the Charter parents, change your mind and say "ok", your can be in the "Compact". 3. Start my own pre- k through 3rd grade charter school at a community center to try and capture the lost ADA. Were the sign in sheets that folks were asked to sign at the informational meeting used as "Overwhelming Support" for this decision? 4. Hire Bonny Garcia and support him, then fire him. Praise the Seville Group, then when they are exposed and the money is exposed, fire them. 5. Get approval for the purchase of iPads even though the construction and upgrades for the greater student population is incomplete. 6. Start a Sweetwater U, then not. 7. Start a Funds for Education, hire some pals as consultants then stop it when practices are questioned. These are just off the top of my head, I am sure there are others that can add to this. An interim superintendent should bring stability to this District, not more chaos. What next????
— February 26, 2012 6:44 p.m.

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