The state of the U-T and Tribune Publishing

As someone who has dunned the San Diego Union-Tribune leadership for decades for its suppression of hard data and objective analysis of population-environment connections, I find this advertisement courageous and greatly refreshing. If they get the right person, the UT could become a national leader in expanding understanding of the the environmental degradation that will result from continued US population growth: << The corporation’s website features a help-wanted advertisement for a new U-T senior “environment” reporter. “Do you take on explanatory reporting and watchdog assignments with equal gusto?” the notice asks. “Are you someone who aggressively pursues enterprise stories with a national or even international imprint? Does your definition of environment reporting cover everything from California’s drought and land-use controversies to population control and marine science?”>> Surely the UT leadership is aware that in even using the phrase “population control” they are likely to be attacked by right wing whackos as “commies” and by left wing whackos as “racists.” Kudos to the newly enlarged UT cojones! As journalism prof Michael Maher pointed out in his 1997 article, “How and why journalists avoid the population environment connection” (see OR, a great defect of environmental journalism in the US (and most other western nations) is that news stories about environmental problems due in large measure to population growth almost NEVER mention the connection to population growth, let alone the fact that population growth is driven primarily by high immigration rates. Most media outlets deliberately act to keep the electorate minimally informed on such issues. This is because most of them are lap dogs to the powerful but delusional neoliberal cornucopian economists who dominate the leadership of both the Democratic and Republican parties and whose religion is Growth Forever, both economic and populational, the environment be damned.
— August 26, 2015 6:50 p.m.

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