Conspiracy Theories

And now the twin towers , oh and lets not forget building 7 that mysteriously collapse without having NO PLANE HIT IT OR NO STRUCTURAL DAMAGE from the TOWERS that fell a FEW blocks away!!! The most interesting thing about the twin towers are the people being interview seconds after they fell!!! In every interview you hear people saying they HEARD EXPLOSION WHILE THE BUILDINGS WERE FALLING!!! Even reporters say they heard these explosion!!! In the video footage you can see small explosion on different floors as the towers are falling!!! The same kind of explosion you see during an implosion of a building!!! These are people who are being interview or doing the interviews on the scene of the chaos and they all say they heard and seen the same thing!??! INTERESTING VERY INTERESTING!!! These weren't interviews done days , weeks and months later but seconds , minutes and hours after the collapse!!! Would you say they are shouting off conspiracy theories , because they are telling you what they actually saw?? I think not , these people are credible witness diverse in ethnicity and age!!! Try and find a flaw in their statements , they even said the same thing days , weeks even months later!!! I bet if you ask them now they would say the same thing all over again and it's years later!!! They even did interviews with people who were in the basement of the both towers and those people said they heard or was part of an explosion that happen minutes before the planes ever hit!!! Killing an injuring people before the planes even hit!!! There are pictures of smoke coming from the base of the buildings before the planes hit the towers!!! Sounds like a timely event of explosion so that the towers would be easier to bring down!!! Other people interview said they seen construction work being done to both towers weeks before 911 happen!!! That means the construction work being done , was really the planting of small explosive and the cutting of the metal beams that supported the towers!!! When you look at ground zero all the metal beams have a angle cut just like the way they do when they implode buildings!!! All the signs of an AMERIKKAN GOVERNMENT inside JOB!!! Now building 7 that mysteriously collapse!!! The video footage on building 7 clearly shows the style of a building being imploded!!! First there was another explosion at the base of building 7 that everyone heard!!! Then more explosion inside the building to collapse the middle of it!!! Then the building came crashing down!!! Everyone interview that seen that building fall said it was imploded!!! No airplane ever hit it!!! No debris from either tower that fell even came close enough to damage it!!! Everyone who was there or seeN video of it say it was imploded so we know how it was destroyed!!! But why was it!??! And why is that building never talk about or put in with fake 911 attacks!??! I guess you can't lie about an attack on a building when there never was one!!!
— July 27, 2009 10:26 a.m.

Conspiracy Theories

Now lets move on to the pentagon another 911 myth!!! Look at the picture and you see very little damage done to the building!!! Do you really believe a commercial plane carrying over 100 plus passengers would do very little damage to the pentagon!??! Once again were is the debris of the plane??? Where are the bodies of the passengers??? S*** where is a picture of airplane luggage on the ground??? You see none of those things!!! Why was there no massive fire?? When the planes hit the towers there was a fire where the planes hit , but there is NO fire at the pentagon??? So you docile amerikkkans believe a commercial plane carrying over 100 people didn't even cause a fire at the pentagon!??! How come there is no footage of any plane hitting the pentagon??? There are hundreds of cameras that point directly at the pentagon from different buildings around the area all day long!!!! None of that 911 footage has ever been seen by the public only by government officials and they won't release the tapes of the security cameras facing the pentagon on that day!!! People who work in neighboring buildings said the FBI came and took all the security tapes!!! VERY INTERESTING!!! Also why do they have pictures of trucks rolling in and placing dirt on the crash site covering up all the evidence of what really crash there!!!! Or should i say covering up their tracks!!!! So you believe a commercial airplane crash at the pentagon , when there is no evidence or debris of airplane around the crash site!??! ARE YOU PROUD TO BE A DOCILE AMERIKKKAN!!??!!
— July 27, 2009 9:29 a.m.

A Static Charge

Easy in a world of EVOLUTION , things are ALWAYS changing!!!! That's the key word , term , phrase in evolution!! CHANGE!!! HUMANS have been living as HUMANS for BILLIONS of years now and there has been NO CHANGE yet?!?!? In a world of evolution NOTHING is perfect!!!! So if humans came from a monkey , shouldn't humans be changing into something more advance then the state we are in now!??! It's already been a billion years and counting and no change yet!!!! INTERESTING!?!?! What your not going to say the teacher was ranting??? PUZZY!!! Why don't you go talk to her ya self if ya not scared!!! But then again you can't teach an old dumb dog new tricks!!!! Keep staying afraid of the truth and you'll keep getting punk by the government whose azz you love to kiss so much!!! Athletes aren't role models on how to live a perfect life , they are only role models on how to play the game!!! I don't look to jordan , barkley , pippen , and magic on how to better my life , only on how to play basketball!!! Being an athlete is just a title for a SPORTS STAR not a prophet on life!!! Just because you get paid millions to run , jump , pass , catch , shoot , tackle , block , kick , throw , swim , bike ride , swing a bat , ice skate , swing a golf club , swing a tennis racket , kick flip a skateboard or tailwhip a bike don't make you a model on good living!!! Your just getting paid millions doing a different JOB that only a chosen few are able to do , that don't make you a righteous person in life!!!! The only reason you even act like you care about what they do , is because they are getting paid millions to play a child's game!!! While you slave away your whole life working getting paid minimum are just above minimum wage!!!! I bet if they weren't getting paid millions to play sports you wouldn't even care about what they do or say!!! Because kids don't just look up to athletes , they also look up to doctors , teachers , priest , coaches , police , parents , older brother/sister , politicians and business owners!!!! And even that group can't tell you how to live your life right , only how to do the title they have been giving!!!!! ANOTHER SWIFT KICK IN DA AZZ ANYONE!!!!!
— July 27, 2009 8:01 a.m.

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