President Obama is Stupidly

There are two sides to the gates story unfortunately we will never no the truth!!! Only those who were there no the truth!!! And didn't they say gates had a friend with him??? Where's that persons interview or is amerikkka afraid to get a third party involved that wasn't charge with anything , but witness the whole thing!!! Intresting leaving out a witness who was at first a suspect to a crime!??! Sounds like the media and police have something to hide!!!!! Just because you got some black friends joshb you ain't black!!! Just because you adopted a black child highrockgirl you ain't black!!!! Just because you hung out in a black neighborhood in Chi town pete don't mean s*** , because you could always take your undercover , wanting to be black , racist azz back to snobbyvile where your snobby azz family was!!! If you ain't black you can't understand what it feels like to subjected to racism!!! It don't matter how many surveys and studies you do , ya still wont understand!!! It's like watching football from the sidelines your whole life , but you claim you know what it's like to play!!! How you know what's it's like if you ain't never been in the game??? It's the same for you people who spit that old white bulls***!!! "I got black friends" or "i adopted a black child" or "i've dated black man/women" and the real sad one "i hung out in the ghetto with my black friends" You people need to get a clue on that bulls*** you talking!!!! If you ain't black shut da f*** on the black experience!!! You can't talk s*** about those who are living it , while your punk azz is on the outside looking in , trying to get in where you can fit in!!!! SPEAK ON IT!!!!!!!!!! Oh i forgot sunny90210 i really don't give a f*** if you think my spelling sucks!!! But since you commented on it , thanks for riding commercial airlines fight 187 deeezzz nuuutzzz!!!!! Holla!!!
— July 27, 2009 12:37 p.m.

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