Two-for-One Special on Mediators

"I sit here once a month for nothing,” responded MAD member Hilsdorf. “Yes, but you volunteered for this,” responded NCRC’s Barbara Filner. ________________________________________________________________ If that is the type of response that this mediator will continue to provide, what is the point? It is a ridiculous response: the complaint is not about having to "sit" there: it's about being prohibited from serving the purpose of "sitting" there. If the mediator can't even understand that simple and obvious element of complaint, she might as well drop out of this now. Or maybe because Atkins and the Economic Development department brought her in and are paying her, she isn't really neutral. Our elected committee is supposed to control every decision about how our assessment money is spent. Every taxpayer assessment dollar that is spent should be spent on something that the community asked the committee to spend it on, after polling on what the community wants. If we don't want garbage cans, we aren't forced to have garbage cans. Our committee is our community voice, and, yes, the committee members are volunteers. The CDC are paid flacks who instigated the assessment district formation, knowing that they could help themselves to 20% off the top. The CDC views the property owners' assessment money as as the CDC's personal honey pot, and neither consults the community nor allows the committeee any input on what it will be spent on. The big role that excites the CDC, like it did for their good friend Nancy Graham, ex-CCDC head, is to bestow taxpayer money on whomever the CDC chooses, for contracts; this power to hand out our assessment money cultivates the CDC empire and establishes leverage in the circles in which the CDC hopes to be a big player. CDC gets millions of other dollars, but moving into this little game of taking half a million from the property owners is something they don't have to work for year after year: they now automatically get access to our money, and can play contract maker and power broker, no matter how pitifully wasteful and unnecessary.
— August 25, 2008 10:31 a.m.

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