Southwestern faculty questions college’s education plan

The importance of Southwestern College to our South Bay cannot be minimized. Our community needs and deserves a wide range of course offerings. Our community needs this college with its "lifelong" learning mission, where we can pick up important skills. Even in difficult budget times, college leaders must make the choice to invest in classes (which to us are more important than fancy buildings.) For example: My next-door neighbor is a photographer he went to southwestern College to learn Photoshop on the computer; he got a promotion. My yoga teacher went to Southwestern College and picked up new skills and teaching techniques which makes us all enjoy our yoga class more. My son loves music; he's getting classical guitar training at Southwestern College from an expert. My close friend is a software engineer and he went to Southwestern College and earned a certificate Web Design and that qualified him for an extensive project in the technology company where he works. My niece studied AJ at SWC and now she has a job with the CVPD. I chose my babysitter because she passed a childcare class and an ESL class at SWC. My dentist employs two people who have certificates in bilingual medical office. My dentist takes a computer class at Southwestern. My realtor got her certification at SWC, and she got me into a nice home... The list goes on and on. We all vote here--and we voted for a college board that understands the needs of the South Bay! These programs could be cut by educational plan made by an outsider? A $400K plan based on data which does not count the immeasurable successes provided by these non-degree classes?
— February 27, 2013 8:19 a.m.

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