That's So Un-Punk

DIATRIBE guy: are you bringing in ANY kind of royalties or profits whatsoever off of diatribe? Do you have a copyright on the name? is vinnie's rendition of diatribe getting in the way of yours? Do you know how many bands called diatribe there are in this world? If vinnie wants to make a tribute band to his old band with new members, who cares? I dont think he was fooling anyone when on the flyer for their show he CLEARLY stated that there was a new lineup and that the singer is the only original memeber. Did u know that there are 2 cro mags touring right now? Did you know that there is also two slaughter and the dogs? This comes from band members coming, going, and keeping the name going and forming their own bands. As s***ty as it is, it happens. Agree with it or not, were anarchists, you know against the mainstream corporate music world , against copyright laws and all that stuff... I see your point of it being s***ty for you to have written the songs and others to be playing the music but in my opinion when you write songs for a band and everyone in the band performs them, the songs become property of the whole band and unless theyre makin a million bucks off of your music and yer gettin screwed over than let em do their thing, plus if it really did end up in court, how much money do u really think youre going to get out of vinnie or anyone else in the new rendition. I mean what youre really fighting for in the end is credit for writing the songs and I dont think vinnie or anyone else in the band is denying you that... If I was you I would probably be more flattered than anything else that theres people out there who found the music that you wrote so good that they wanna continue it and bring it back for a whole new generation of punks to experience, thats pretty awesome in my opinion. Plus, it dosent really seem like you're doing much with the name anyways...
— March 1, 2010 4:28 a.m.

That's So Un-Punk

yeah, so what's your band called?
— February 27, 2010 3:38 p.m.

That's So Un-Punk

I don't see why he is so insistant that they were a "anti big-music coorporation" band and trying to act like a big-music corporation and say that vinnie has no legal right to continue his band that he starded years ago. thats totally what big music corporations do and he is turning into what his band was originally against. On the flyer for the show, it CLEARLY states that it is diatribe with the singer and a new lineup, there is nothing wrong with that. Look at discharge, how many singers have they gone thru, whattabout battalion of saints? their current incarnation only consists of the original singer and a whole new lineup. Ones opinion may differ than the other on this but I personally feel that there is nothing wrong with what vinnie is doing, especially if it CLEARLY states on the flyer what the current band consists of and I will go out of my way to book them and have them play our shows cause I dont believe in all that copyright and infringement and "I own this name to this band" bulls***. I think if vinnie was in the band, no matter what, he has every right to continue it whenever and with whoever he wants. This aint mainstream corporate media band bulls***, this is San Diego underground, and one of its legendary local bands that haven't been heard for years and years that should be heard by our generation of kids. Plus...look at how many bands there are in this world called DIATRIBE...i think that dude should go out and sue all those bands first cause theyre the ones makin money off the name diatribe, not him!
— February 25, 2010 4:13 p.m.

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