Scott West lands music in animated Cowboys & Aliens film

I really enjoyed Rosenberg, Favreau and Spielberg's Cowboys & Aliens movie and am not sure why a movie that grossed $173 million and netted over ten million in the black based on just box office receipts, before making millions more on the DVD release and licensing of video games, ringtones, t-shirts and apparel, is not generally considered a success for the Hollywood critics. Cowboys & Aliens is a franchise with great brand recognition that goes further than the reach of the first movie, which got decent revenues in a very bad economy! I think the critics that went to see Cowboys & Aliens and wanted it to be a Sci-Fi thriller were disappointed, because it was a Western and Jon shot it as a Western intentionally. He used a classic Western screen format and didn't shoot it in 3D or use a ton of CGI throughout the entire film, because it was a Western. Most of the people I've talked to that saw it, really liked the film and enjoyed it for the Western that it was and not the Sci Fi movie that it might not have been for others. Louie Brazier at Lestats and I were recently talking about this and Louie got this point and really liked the movie. For me it was a great western style movie with a great cast, director and producers. And I really like the NEW upcoming feel of the animated graphic novel, because it is animated and doesn't have to fulfill anyone's expectations to be a thrill-a-second-over-the-top Sci Fi thriller and can just tell the story naturally, which it does! Thank you to my songwriting partner Justin Werner, and to the very talented writer and illustrator Jay Allen and everyone at The Reader!
— October 14, 2012 10:51 a.m.

Cowboys & Aliens: The Song — Local Faved By Film Director Favreau

Great article Jay! Jon Favreau "favorited" our tweet of our Cowboys & Aliens music video & Youtube link found at So to clarify Mr. Favreau did not send the original tweet. He favorited ours! The Staring At The Sun Volume 9 CD cover artwork is being done by Bloodfire artist Len Wein (X-Men comics illustrator). I don't think that Mr. Wein or Bloodfire are doing an accompanying comic book for the "Staring At The Sun CD," just the cover art. The Scott West Band will be performing at The House of Blues Las Vegas inside The Mandalay Bay on June 30th with Daniel de los Reyes (The Killers/Sting/Cheryl Crowe/Don Henley), and at The Imperial Beach Pier on July 4th with Steve Vai's violinist Alex Depue. Last year this event had over 100,000 attending. The Scott West Band will also be opening for The Motels and The FIXX on July 16th and September 3rd respectively. Our full concert schedule is in the July San Diego Troubadour.
— June 18, 2011 3:29 a.m.

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