The Ugly Trailer Park Across the Water

I happen to live in De Anza cove and I will tell you that yes everyone is afraid to fix things because they don't have ay clue when their HOME will be snatched out from under them... could you imagine? Would you fix up your car knowing it might get re-possessed at anytime? Would you do that to your grandparents, maybe your sibling and their children? I have to tell you that this is the first time in any neighborhood (and I have lived in various places in SoCal and Texas) I have ever lived in, that I feel a sense of community. I know everyone that lives on my street, we have a "snack shack", on Saturday nights during the summer we play free childrens movies. We do have a camping area in the middle of the park, and it is VERY family oriented. All of my neighbors look out for one another, we have zero crime there (but the city tries to blame crime that happens in MB park on De Anza Cove). Does San Diego REALLY need ANOTHER hotel? Why is no one complaining about the "RV city" that has sprung up Mission Bay? They pay no rent, no taxes, no sewage (I believe they are dumping it somewhere as a smell has developed). My husband and I both work, our kids go to school, we plant flowers, have a monthly pest control service, and pay our rent on time. How would you like it if I knocked on your door and told you "I understand that you were 'allowed' to build your house here in the past, but we've changed our mind, your time is now up. We need this area to put up another dolphin statue."
— September 16, 2011 1:25 p.m.

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