Newly issued Mexican immigration regulations are bad news for Americans

There were 6 related documents issued in DOF on 8th November: Of those, only two have an article 41. One relates to academic visitors, the other covers humanitarian cases where a visitor visa can be exceptionally changed to temporary. Neither has any mention of any spouse, or any amount. Maybe you got the reference wrong? Yes, you'd expect permanent residents of a country to have their cars registered there, although I agree the importing process is archaic (it would be nice if there was a North American Free Trade Area one day, which means without customs duties). However, it costs nearer to a thousand to import (rather than thousands) and I've already saved that in the past couple of years by not having to get separate Mexican insurance - the insurance policy for my imported-to-Mexico car includes full coverage in Mexico, the US and Canada for a little less than I was paying for just US+Canada. Most people living in Mexico would be unlikely to take their car away for over a year. However, although in theory the new rules are simple, the lack of detail in the way existing residents are being handled is causing chaos and I may eventually end up agreeing with you it's a bad thing. Not the law, it has some of the most generous terms for allowing non-citizens residence, anywhere in the world (with the possible exception of Uruguay), but the way the failure to document properly (the botched manuals) means that each local INM office can make up local rules as they like. That's where the problem lies.
— November 12, 2012 9:34 p.m.

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