Isolate, Expose, Avoid

Dear Flounder, aka Hog, aka author of 8 of 18 posts: So sorry touch a nerve about implying that I touched a nerve that instigated two more of your driveling posts. Had I known this, I would have been like everybody else on this blog and mocked you in my head. As far as being an insider on Media Issues, if occasionally participating in blogs, having a Facebook and Twitter account constitutes being a "media insider," then yes, guilty as charged. Judging by the length of your posts, obnoxious use of capital letters and cheeky "BTW" you're an insider too. So tell me? Do you hog space on Facebook as well? Don't get very many Friend Requests do we? As far as commenting on the article. The article I read talked about a PR firm getting a contract to do outreach with...gasp...wait for it...the public. What a novel idea? Public Relations...working to inform the public...Now That Is News! A school by my house is doing construction and I got informed by some PR dude that they were in fact, going to do construction in case it might inconvenience me. They also went door-to-door to remind of of construction and had a nifty little flier that showed me what was going to be there. If that is a crime, then send those schmucks to jail...How dare they inform me on what they plan on doing. Flounder, you are just as guilty of engaging in a little banter as I am. Heck, you even converted my use of the word "poking" to mean something else. So in that spirit, may I suggest that you go off and perform an anotomically impossible act to yourself ;) Just "poking" fun. Late.
— August 18, 2010 11:58 a.m.

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