Southwestern College Foundation's Nathan Fletcher connection

Get this, Nickdanny. Wanna talk about spending YOUR money? As you surely know, in the past 12 years or so, through Prop AA ($89 M and Prop R ($389 M, SWC has been authorized to spend SEVERAL HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS of bond money. There has been a plethora of scandals surrounding these, and a lineup of mismanagers are awaiting trial, in part, due to these matters. Here's the latest kicker. Since SWC has been SITTING ON those funds for such a long time, they have to spend, spend, spend in a hurry so as not to lose them. How do you suppose they'll do that? Of course they'll simply spend foolishly in a rush, mismanage OUR TAX DOLLARS and ultimately run the risk of more scandal. It's not just the board either. That wannabe leader of the college, Nish, is not a sharp cookie by any stretch of the imagination and is only pursuing her own ambition. She's a short-timer who has no vested interest in the community nor any business being a college president and is on the same self-promoting trajectory as Peraza...
— September 24, 2013 8:41 p.m.

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