Yellow Deli People: mellow believers or cult of opportunists?

continued from previous post. I am suppose to be completely financially secure, but due to the culture that was created to fear men of all sorts and after seeking assistance from every agency that this American Culture has to offer to returning heroes and capable father's, I am homeless, receiving only half of my well deserved retirement from the US Army and had 27 yrs of Tel Co. retirement forced into the stock market $400k-lost. Being betrayed by the culture I worked and trusted completely for for over 55 yrs. How many shootings, Gang deaths, Abortions, Wars and the list goes on, must we endure before the truth shines? I have lived a wonderful life only to see my 11 yr old son loose his rights to see his Dad and the right to live in his home because a rumor was started and never questioned. The Deli were the ONLY people that could understand. I know that every person I have met at the Deli, Farm or wherever for no matter how long, was able to understand the truth that is self evident and not allowed to evaporate, like so many 'cultures' that are everywhere, Newest being the Social community. Please write about the Deli again soon. And call on me as a Believer in the Hope that this country can return to it's roots and live the words that are in our Constitution and in the arms of Miss Liberty in the New York Harbor. "Send..." The Starving World needs the BEST Sandwiches that can be found Anywhere on this Earth. STEVEN [email protected]
— April 3, 2013 10:51 p.m.

Yellow Deli People: mellow believers or cult of opportunists?

Hello Dorian Hargrove, Concerning The Yellow Deli People, I can say that if it were not for the absolutes, that are demonstrated and lived every minute and with everyone at the Deli, Farm and ANY place that they venture I might not be here to tell you this most incredible tale. That I have defied the Nation's percentage of casualty's due to the recently enacted legislation and the social taboo's attached to certain group of citizens of the US is against all odds. Why is it so hard to admit that maybe we are not the same country that we use to be? When did we loose the 'Dream'? What are cultures? is it not the same word as the 'Alarmist' word 'CULT'? Many cultures that are forced to accept what they don't understand will absolutely eventually come into conflict, that is inevitable. So, what culture do you want? Roman, Greek or so other Famous one of the past? I have been in many cultures for many years, US Army, Corporate America, American Christian and several others in my 61 years of living in the 'Land of the Brave'. But there is one culture that the 'Brave' have a difficult time accepting. That is the culture of Peace, Love and Understanding. Yes it does live in the hearts of a very special people, if only it is allowed to LIVE. I challenge anyone to do what I have done and that is to spend your valuable time with those that really know the value of time. See if after only 24 hours that you find yourself in a place that is absolutely the same place that those in ANY culture long for. Genuine, authentic, stable, lawful, wonderful and totally safe place-that is hidden in plain sight. For those that can see. Instead of believing the actions of the IRS is in accord with the Framers of the Constitution intent on who are the true Patriots are. And Dorian, Email me the next time you want to know the truth from someone who has had the incredible luck-ha-of spending not 24 hrs but 24 months. Within the past 4 years. I am still in the Vista. After serving almost 30 years with the CA Nat'l Grd, responding to emergencies of this state from Riots to Deployment and also fulfilling my job at the Telephone Co during that same period. to be continued. STEVEN [email protected]
— April 3, 2013 10:48 p.m.

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