Filipino Rules

This article was poorly written and missing its point. I read it and kept turning the page looking for the conclusion. If this girl is a journalism major she's going to be greatly disappointed when she finds out that journalists are supposed to report both sides of the story. Her story was completely one sided and she was self-centered and selfish. If I came home to my Filipino father in handcuffs I wouldn't slam my bedroom door in his face and scream that I wanted to get the F* out of there. And then I wouldn't decide to toss the "Filipino Rules" out the window and move to Long Beach for two weeks to party. She would have had a better reception to this story if she wrote about what she learned from growing up as a Filipino American. Maybe I would forgive her for having a loser boyfriend and for her disrespectful attitude towards her parents if she said she learned to appreciate why her dad was being strict because he wanted so much more for his daughters than what he had growing up in the Phillipines. This young lady would be better off trying to become a short story fiction writer. Journalists do not put titles on stories that have nothing to do with the story. Journalists need to report the news and this story is definitely not newsworthy. It's a good thing the Reader is free because I would have asked for a refund had a bought the magazine. Everyone, please know that her "Filipino Rules" story does not represent every young Filipino American.
— March 10, 2010 4:18 p.m.

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