That Dirty Rat

Some El Cajon rats; My response to a letter I got from one; Daniel Tucker Sycuan Band of Kumeyaay 1 Kwaaypaay Court El Cajon, CA 92012 Dear Chairman Tucker, We received your November 15th 2012 letter to residents and surrounding communities announcing your purchase of Singing Hills Country Club, and your prosperity. In my sympathies to the struggles of the American Indian, I joined and was adopted into a tribe over 30 years ago. I now give up that citizenship. The influence of your casinos are anything but "positive impact on the surrounding community". It will of course be an economic self-sufficiency to your tribal members as well as your new homes paid for by the community with no protection for the disabled, dependants.. children and family of addicted gamblers. Hundreds of thousands of dollars gambled away by a sick dying father has taken almost all we have, as well as an education for a dependent daughter, now with no father. As far as your "positive interaction with all of you - us" there was none. I tried and was told you "Don't just talk to anyone". But "anyone's" are the ones who made your casino. If you built low cost housing for those you displaced, income for dependents and children of those whose moneys you took, public parks, day cares and pools for community children, then I would agree you were a "positive impact on the surrounding community". I am sorry that your 640 acre lands, grown to 2,000 acres "is only a mere fraction of the land once managed by our Kumeyaay ancestors". But that war was lost long ago. We are in The United States of America, but who is united? How long must we oblige the past generation’s sad loss to feed your greed? No laws have protected disabled or dependents to date from casino gambling investment losses, but should. The cost is to the government for starving families of gamblers. But what strikes me more than anything is HOW a once proud people can act so noble in this day and age. Your generosity does not warrant nobility.
— November 29, 2012 3:47 a.m.

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