Build a Stadium and Team Will Stay? Nope

SD is already in financial trouble due to a bad stadium deal. In ’95 to finance the expansion the city workers unions were the key to the deal. They had to agree to allow the city to underfund their pension plans for X numbers of years to allow for the expansion. To sweeten this financial deal their payouts of the soon to be underfunded pension plans were increased. It wasn’t even a Faustian bargain. The city was doomed to financial loss. You can take more our but we’re going to put less in so that we can expand the stadium Now every other week someone is screaming that we must have pension reform and it’s the unions fault that the city is near financial ruin. The politicians and city manager needed that money then to give to the expansion. The expansion was touted as required to get more Super Bowls. After the one after the expansion we (the city) are told that the lower field seats are not acceptable because they are too low to see over the players. Therefore we’ll never get another Super Bowl. That was the league line then. Have you ever notice at Jerry world in Texas that they have suites lower than field level. Yes these seats are no good in San Diego because you look at the back of the players heads but if you buy a suite in Texas you can look at the player’s feet. I love sports but I can’t stand to see taxpayers held hostage. No matter how much cash we give them, they will want more. Some funding for stadia is acceptable but there has to be a limit. The owners own the team but the team belongs to the city, or at least it should be. Note: The split of advertizing dollars from Jack Murphy which went primarily to the Chargers was listed as a reason the Padres had to have a new stadium. “We can’t afford to stay” in Jack Murphy. The market was flush and our city leaders too simple for the jobs or simple graft. Talk it over.
— May 2, 2012 4:52 p.m.

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