Proposed Solar Fee

Mr. Schavrien didn't mention that the renewables sourced from the Imperial valley will be shipped to San Diego via the new Sunrise Powerlink transmission line. This particular 1000 MW transmission project is estimated to cost about 2 billion dollars. Mr. Schavrien wants you to believe SDG&E is committed to delivering renewable energy to its customers but it's more accurate to say SDG&E is committed to maximizing the profitability of delivering renewables to customers. If our interest was clean energy alone there was no need to spend 2 billion dollars because the solar panels could have been placed on homes and businesses. 2 billion dollars!!!! This project alone will have rate payers spending hundreds of millions of dollars a year paying off the loan, interest and profit to SDG&E. Outrageous. The idea behind SDG&E's change in the rules is not completely without merit. Some of the per kWh distribution fees could be shifted out of the energy charge and made a fixed monthly access charge. If properly implemented this would be revenue neutral and provide a healthy price signal to the market. Hypothetically a non-solar customer that previously paid 15 cents/kWh for 500 units could pay 12 cents/kWh plus a grid a $15 monthly grid access fee. This sort of change should only marginally change the economics of owning a solar system. I'm having a hard time understanding how grid access fees for solar owners could possibly be an extra $1000/year? I'd encourage San Diegoians to actively oppose this. Send the story into the news programs. Write editorials. Feed the story to all the green blogs around the US. Get the facts out. Get your anger and frustration out. Push back and push hard.
— November 5, 2011 3 p.m.

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