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Mom and Dad put themselves in the position of allowing these "professionals" to supervise, advise, and pronounce judgement on their lives. No one else was involved in these decisions but the parents themselves. When parents choose to behave badly, treat each other horribly, and put their children's best interest last, they are subjected to the Family Law Court. The court system is comprised of a lot of very intelligent and talented people from the Judges, attorneys, and mental health professionals, etc. But the system is adversarial and complex and therefore, very expensive and difficult to navigate. The court must rely on these professionals as Judges do not have the time hear couples endless bickering. The Professionals have a lot of power and naturally, they are going to use it and abuse it. Ultimately, parents pay a heavy cost for their own behavior, as their case drags on and on, and every professional demands payment at each step. Cases settle when the parents are drained of all assets. Imagine that. If parents thought about their families best interest first, they wouldn't end up in these situations. Instead of blaming the professionals for profiting from this business, put the blame back on the parent and the burden to find some solutions while their children are still young. The legal system is profitable business. Attorneys have been known to prey upon parents fragile emotional states, fear, resentment, anger and greed to convince them to start aggressive litigation. The parents initial retainer is only the tip of the iceberg, as the case goes on, it becomes more aggressive, with both parents hurling mud. The stakes grow, as the custody issue hangs in balance. The parents find themselves with no easy solutions, more fees, and finally, they must find a "qualified" and expensive 730 evaluator. Blaming the evaluator, attorney, Judges and court system doesn't quite get to the root of the problem. Essentially, it comes down to the parents. If parents acted rationally, amicably, and in their kids best interest, shared costs and responsibilities and moved on with their lives, the professionals would be forced to find another way to make a buck. Although a Family Law attorney may tell you this is about winning more stuff, and convince you to part with all your money and run up credit card debt you will never be able to pay back. The simple truth is Divorce is the business of taking all your stuff. If parents expect to have their money taken and be treated poorly for years on end, they might find a way to avoid this nightmare. Who knows, they might even become great single parents at the same time.
— August 18, 2009 9:45 a.m.

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