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Matt Potter's May 13th feature article on Tom Joubran and his Gores nephews was quite encompassing, understandably only scratching the surface in recounting highlights in the life of a Great American. Observing several subsequent comments on much of the information being "hearsay", might I offer the following "eyewitness" testimony from "Local DJ", published in 2002 and now optioned as a film project by MIchael Moore and Kathleen Glynn? From "Local DJ"--Page 298 “The Mikatam” in Genesee was owned and operated by Tom Joubran, a Palestinian immigrant and self-made millionaire. Tom couldn’t understand why everyone else wasn’t getting rich in America. He also was amazed that no one else could seize opportunities as he did and profit accordingly. Tom would say, "Look at me! I rode a goat to the boat!" The truth was that few people could work twenty hours-a-day with the energy and drive that Tom considered a matter of normal routine. Sleep? What’s that?? Tom owned laundromats, apartment buildings, pizza parlors, grocery stores and lots else. His first love, however, was show business. He proved to be a gracious host and extraordinary client. He brought a number of relatives over from the old country and there were a few confusions from time to time. I was visiting Tom one night at "The Mighty Mikatam" when we both noticed everyone being turned away from the door by a young nephew who had been instructed to check for I.D.s. He was demanding passports." End of excerpt. With best wishes, Peter Cavanaugh Oakhurst, California
— May 31, 2009 3:51 p.m.

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