Tijuana: Montana de Basura

Thank you all for your thoughtful responses and encouragement. Recognizing the problem is just the beginning to a solution. I agree that another sob story or pointed finger is not the solution we need. However, all things visible become light... just talk to every room's light switch how confident it is that the darkness will leave as soon as the light goes on! The problems of poverty, violence, and others are rampant in Mexico. Sure, they are real in America and all over the world as well and should be adressed in such locations as well. I have published articles about the problem in downtown San Diego and even Ocean Beach. However, having personally visited Mexico on a weekly basis I can report that there is a difference. I have been robbed dozens of times and have paid the price to know what I know. Walk with me 10 minuetes past the border to Coahuila where we can purchase young girls for whatever you purpose, look up the "stewmaster" and his role in the cartel, or just do a simple read through official embassy reports and you will see that the problem is both real and critical. What each of us is to do in response to these issue's is an individual question no one else can answer. Whether it is simply donating to a charity or actually looking the pain in their faces, is for each person to consider. I go every week and see each individual as unique. Whether its on a dump, in an alley, or in one of our non-profit centers (which I have purposely declined to be advertised in this article) I am joining many other compassionate individuals trying to make a difference. The question you need to ask is not what am I doing, but what are you doing.
— August 9, 2012 2:06 p.m.

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