Wind turbines are everywhere out here

There are many good comments above, especially the comments by Aboggs. It is easy to say the word NIMBY, as long as the turbines are located in someone else's back yard, side yard or front yard. I happen to be forced to live in the middle of Ocotillo Wind. The Ocotillo Plan of Development certainly didn't allow for 438' tall industrial wind turbines. If it had I would not have built a home here. This was also a BLM "Limited Use" designated area. Rules and regulations were changed to allow the Ocotillo Wind Facility. It is now pure hell living with the turbines, not only are they loud at times, the visual pollution is radically wrong and is a constant reminder of government blunders and greed energy policies gone bad. Many people do not believe the wind in Ocotillo is an adequate resource for a viable wind energy project. Check out the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) quartely electrical production reports at On a yearly average, less than 20% of this facilities capacity factor will be produced. In fact wind turbines only produce 4% of our nations power. Ocotillo Wind has never supplied the electricity needs for the 125,000 homes that were promised and it never will. Peaker plants are now needed to produce power because wind and solar are unreliable. Wasn't the elimination of fossil fuel plants the reason to persue the so called green energy route in the first place? 12,500 acres of prime desert public land was graded and or disturbed to accomodate this facility and 500 or so acres were permanently destroyed. Industrial wind turbine facilities destroy extremely large parcels of public land. Install solar panels on your existing roof. People and wind turbines don't mix. If any of you, that promote wind turbines, would like to move near the turbines, my home is for sale. Of course it has lost 60% of it's original value. Check out "Save Ocotillo" on Youtube and "Ocotillo Wind Turbine Destruction" on Facebook for the real facts.
— September 5, 2013 10:16 p.m.

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