Filipino Rules

I received an e-mail today that linked me to this article. I must say that I was quite surprised at reading these so called "Filipino Rules". Firstly, I would like to articulate how poorly this article was written. Not only did it have several grammatical errors, but contextual errors as well. With numerous sentence fragments and incorrect use of the past and present tenses it was really difficult to read and understand what the writer was trying to convey. I would say that the title is misleading. Titling this article as “Filipino Rules” is deceptive and imprecise. I myself am a Filipino born and raised in Europe and immigrated to the United States and I can relate to this topic. It’s obvious that the writer had numerous negative experiences and decided to relate them to the Filipino culture instead. Currently I am pursuing a Communication major and have no interest in joining the Military. My father did not join the military either and my mother is not a nurse. According to your statement, “But I am also a Filipino. We eat with our hands, drive crazy on the road, point with our lips, and have fathers in the Navy and mothers who are nurses, both speaking with broken English.” This is your definition of what a Filipino is. I myself, along with several others that have commented, believe that it is pretty stereotypical to say the least. Upon moving to the United States I noticed that the majority of Filipinos within my age group (18-25) do not speak Tagalog or any other Filipino dialect. I soon realized that they have been acculturated to the American social norms. I believe that what it is to be a Filipino is to retain one’s cultural values. If you haven’t noticed, the Filipino culture is very spiritual and family oriented, none of which you mentioned in your article. What you mentioned are your personal experiences of living with strict parents. No relation to the Filipino culture. I grew up with my parents speaking to me in Tagalog, simultaneously learning and speaking German in school. Later on I learned English and moved to the United States. Yes, my parents were really strict with me when I was young and I didn’t like it either. However, it did teach me how to conduct myself properly in difficult situations. By proving to my parents that I can abide by the rules, I have earned their complete trust with my decisions in life. To those non-Filipino readers, please take this article with a grain of salt. To attain a more complete experience of what Filipinos are all about I would suggest going to a Multicultural Festival such as the Carousel of the Nations and see the Filipino culture at its finest. A short message to the writer of the article: If you are serious about writing as a career, I would suggest taking a refresher course in English, perhaps ESL. Your writing needs a lot of work and I am wondering how this even got published.
— March 5, 2010 11:01 p.m.

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